7 Steps To Reduce Your Energy Bills By £1200 A Year

What would you do with an extra £1,200 a year? Go on holiday, treat yourself to something nice? Why not find out with our 10 step guide to slashing your energy bills in 2016.


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1. Make Sure Off Is Off!


When you’re not using a home appliance or a charger, make sure to unplug them from the wall or turn the socket off at the wall. Leaving them on standby wastes energy and money. You could save around £90 a year by switching them off – all the way off!


2. Go 1 Degree Lower


Try turning down your thermostat by 1 degree – the chances are nobody in your home will even notice. It’s a very simple way to reduce your energy bills by up to £70 each year.


3. Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water


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It’s very easy to do and could reduce your energy bills by £100 per year. Most washing powders perform well at lower temperatures – even cold water. There is the added benefit that your clothes will last longer if washed in cold water – heat causes material to fade and shrink.


4. Get Insulated – Reduce Energy Bills


According to The Energy Saving Trust, cavity wall insulation could reduce your energy bills by £160 per year while loft insulation could save an additional £140 a year. It’s even possible to have the costs of installing the insulation (around £800) covered by a grant from one of the large providers. For more information please see The Energy Saving Trusts website.


5. Invest In A Water Efficient Shower Head


If you have a traditional shower that takes hot water from the tank (rather than an electric shower) then you could save a large sum of money by fitting a water efficient shower head. These are designed to reduce your water consumption while retaining the sensation of water pressure. An average household could save £70 a year on gas for water heating as well as £100 a year on water bills.


6. Use LED Lightbulbs


LED light bulb


The cost of LED lightbulbs (the most efficient kind of lightbulb) has fallen by 95% over the past few years. You can now pick up a cheap 60 watt LED light bulb for around £3. Invest in 20 of these bulbs for your most heavily used light fittings and you should be able to save £100 a year in your electricity bills. Even better, LED lightbulbs can last for over 20 years!


7. Switch Your Energy Tariff Away From The Big 6


It’s never been easier to switch your energy provider away from the Big 6 suppliers. There are many cheaper deals in the market provided by smaller independent energy providers which could save you over £300 a year. Check out our review here.


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