Best Playstation 4 Deals And Top Games For 2017

Are you thinking of buying a Playstation 4 in 2017? Then our UK buyers guide has all the information you need on the best bundle deals and standalone console deals. We’ve even listed the best games to buy with your new Playstation. The Playstation 5 is still some way off so if you’re in the market for a Playstation you should consider the newest “Pro” model or the PS4. There are some great deals out there now.





Best Playstation 4 Deals (Console Only)

  • Zaavi are offering a Sony Playstation 4, 500GB Console for an impressive £239.99 (save £110) with free UK delivery. zaavi


  • Amazon are selling a glacier white Sony Playstation 4, 500GB Consolve for £248.90 with free UK deliver. The console is sold by Sony via Amazon. amazoncouk


  • Gameseek are offering a Sony Playstation 4, Slim, 500GB Console with the new Black D Chassis for £198.50 with free UK delivery.   gameseek


  • Amazon are selling the same model (500GB, Slim, Black Chassis) for £225.98 with free UK delivery via Game Trade Online.amazoncouk


  • Game are offering the larger Playstation 4, 1TB Console in black for £299.99 with free UK delivery. game


  • Game are also offering a limited edition Final Fantasy XV 1TB Playstation, Slim, for £299.99 with free UK delivery. game


  • ShopTo are selling a Playstation PRO, 1TB Console for £329.86 with free UK delivery. shopto


  • Simply Games are selling the same Playstation PRO, 1TB Console for £329.99 with free UK delivery.simplygames



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Best Playstation 4 Bundle Deals (Console + Games)

Game have a range of deals on offer including; game


  • A Playstation 4, 500GB Slim with 2 free games (OverWatch and Ratchet & Clank) for £219.99 with free UK delivery.  PS4 overwatch






  •  A Playstation 4, 500GB Slim with Lego Star Wars and a Now TV 2 Month Free Sky Cinema Pass  for £219.99 with free UK delivery. ps4 star wars lego






  • A Playstation 4, 500GB Slim with Fifa 17, Fallout 4 and a Now TV 2 Month Free Sky Cinema Pass for £239.99 with free UK delivery. ps 4

FIFA 17Fallout 4






  • A Playstation 4, 1TB Slim with The Last Guardian and a Now TV 2 Month Free Sky Cinema Pass  for £279.99 with free UK delivery. PS4 1TB slim the last guardian






Zavvi are offering a Playstation 4, 500GB, Slim with 3 free games – Unchartered 4, Homefront and Just Cause 3 for £229.99 (save £129.98) with free UK delivery.zaavi


zavvi games









John Lewis are offering a Playstation 4, 1 TB, Call Of Duty Bundle with 2 games: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered (both games downloaded) for £279.95 with free UK delivery and a 2 year guarantee.




john lewis










Top 12 Playstation 4 Games

When you’ve found the best deal for your new Playstation 4, its time to start your games collection with some of the best recent releases like the FIFA 17, the best football game in history, and other modern classics like Final Fantasy XV and Rise Of The Tomb Raider – 20th Anniversary Celebration. We also strongly recommend 2 brilliant shooters – Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Our complete list of the best 12 Playstation 4 games in the market right now is below.


elderscrolls5 grandtheftauto5 watchdogs2 finalfantasyxv fifa17

battlefield1 lastguardian fallout4 unchartered4 callofduty

tombraider dishonored2

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