Business Protection Insurance

Business protection insurance is an invaluable form of insurance for businesses, especially small businesses. Insurance companies offer insurance that is specifically designed for businesses. Business protection insurance can be divided into four key areas: business loan protection, key man insurance, relevant life cover and shareholder protection. Each of these covers a different business risk, so

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A Guide To Public Liability Insurance

  If you run a business and you’re considering taking out Public Liability Insurance, then there are a few things you need to know. We’ve put together a handy guide to set you off on the right track, so read on to discover more.   What’s Public Liability Insurance? Public Liability Insurance is designed for

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A Guide To Professional Indemnity Insurance

  Professional Indemnity Insurance, what’s it all about? You might think that Professional Indemnity Insurance is the preserve of doctors, lawyers and other traditional professions, but its relevance and usefulness goes far further than that. In fact, if you provide a specialist service or advice to anyone, it may well be in your best interests

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A Guide To Cheaper Van Insurance

  For many people, their van is their livelihood and a great asset that needs protecting with van insurance. Just like cars, vans need to be legally insured too and van insurance comes with four main types of cover: third party, third party, fire and theft, comprehensive and telematics. What type of cover you need

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A Guide To Small Business Loans

Trying to get finance for a small business is much easier if you know the options available – read on to get a run-down on the possible sources for small business loans. That doesn’t quite accord with the experience of many small businesses, which have found themselves turned away on grounds such as the business

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The Best Digital TV Packages

  There are loads of different TV packages on the market, but how do you find the one that’s right for you? There’s never been a better time for home entertainment. More channels and more services are available than ever before, with new companies offering services, but the sheer amount of choice can be bewildering.

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A Guide To Employers Liability Insurance

  Nearly all businesses in the UK legally need to have employers’ liability insurance. There can be hefty financial penalties for companies that lack any active policy; however, there are other crucial monetary reasons why taking out EL, as employers liability insurance is known, can be essential.   How can employers’ liability insurance help you?

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