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The Benefits Of An OffSet Mortgage – Are You Missing Out?

The Offset Mortgage is growing in popularity yet at the moment they only account for 10% of the UK mortgage market. Are borrowers missing out? They can be big money savers and make even more sense when savings rates are at rock bottom. By combining your nest-eggs and mortgage balances, it’s possible to save thousands of pounds in

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A Quick Guide To Mortgages In The UK

Mortgages are a type of loan provided by a Bank or Building Society. This legal agreement between you and the lender is designed to help you buy property or land and will normally last for 25 years (although the term can be shorter if required). The loan is ‘secured’ against the value of the property until it’s completely


A Simple Guide To Pensions In The UK

For the average person in the UK, the world of pensions can be very confusing. In this article we’ll cover the basics and give you a solid grasp of the options available to you today. No matter how they’re structured, all pensions have the same objective – to help you save your income and provide you with


Is Cashing In Your Pension A Good Or Bad Investment?

Final Salary Pension Schemes are the envy of many workers in the UK; they have long been regarded as the most generous pension scheme available, and are enjoyed by millions of workers from the public and private sector alike. Over the past decade, however, these schemes have become increasingly unavailable to the vast majority of workers, resulting

An Easy Overview: 0% Credit Cards & Balance Transfers

An Easy Overview: 0% Credit Cards & Balance Transfers

Whether you use one to shop securely or to cover unplanned outgoings outside of your monthly budget, credit cards have become an integral part of life for many people. And with so many ‘0% deals’ on the market, they can prove a cheap alternative to costly overdraft fees, bank charges and high interest rates from

The Quick Guide To Travel Insurance

The Quick Guide To Travel Insurance

You wouldn’t dream of going abroad without sunscreen to protect your family’s skin from damaging UV rays. However, leaving your loved ones without the protection of travel insurance can have much more serious consequences…


6 Alternatives To The Hated Big 6 Energy Companies

There has never been a better time to leave the much hated “Big Six” energy suppliers. While oil prices and stock markets plummet around the world, energy prices in the UK continue to defy gravity. While the shareholders at British Gas, EDF, Eon, nPower, ScottishPower and SSE will no doubt be delighted at the obscene profits